Drupal 8 Commerce - Initial Impressions

Not a very straightforward initial setup.

For example, the default Product List doesn’t even show the price until you add Product Variation as a Relationship.

But where Drupal shines is being able to create a custom Listings Status screen. Not sure how such a screen would be created in Craft CMS.

Technical Notes #

Product Detail image size 590 x 590

Pending #

  • [x] add Image field to Product Variations
  • [x] create a Products Listing Status view
  • [x] add color product attributes
  • [x] add # of pockets attributes
  • [ ] Product Dimensions What’s the correct way to setup product dimensions? Physical Fields | Drupal.org
  • [ ] Review the Checkout flow setup Stripe test credentials
  • [ ] improved Meta-tags especially for social media preview

Long-term #

Nice but low priority #

  • [ ] replace CKEditor with Redactor

Wasn’t Possible - Blog Post Worthy? #

Alex Aguilar, Partner, Software Engineer

Alex Aguilar

Partner, Software Engineer