Drupal 8 Commerce - Initial Impressions

Alex Aguilar, Partner, Software Engineer
Alex Aguilar  

Not a very straight­for­ward ini­tial setup. 

For exam­ple, the default Prod­uct List doesn’t even show the price until you add Product Variation as a Relationship.

But where Dru­pal shines is being able to cre­ate a cus­tom List­ings Sta­tus screen. Not sure how such a screen would be cre­at­ed in Craft CMS.

Tech­ni­cal Notes #

Prod­uct Detail image size 590 x 590

Pend­ing #

  • [x] add Image field to Prod­uct Variations 
  • [x] cre­ate a Prod­ucts List­ing Sta­tus view
  • [x] add color prod­uct attributes
  • [x] add # of pockets attributes
  • [ ] Prod­uct Dimen­sions What’s the cor­rect way to set­up prod­uct dimen­sions? Phys­i­cal Fields | Dru​pal​.org
  • [ ] Review the Check­out flow set­up Stripe test credentials 
  • [ ] improved Meta-tags espe­cial­ly for social media preview

Long-term #

Nice but low pri­or­i­ty #

  • [ ] replace CKEd­i­tor with Redactor

Wasn’t Pos­si­ble — Blog Post Wor­thy? #

Alex Aguilar

Partner, Software Engineer