Data Visualization & Maps

Effective data visualization and interactive maps are indispensable tools for websites in any industry. Maps help users understand and engage with your data.

We’ve built maps for clients using Mapbox or Google Maps.

The client needed a map of the world to compare the excise tax burdens of electronic nicotine delivery systems.

Mapbox is our favorite mapping solution for the flexiblity it offers to build truly custom maps.

The client updates map data via their Craft CMS back-end. When a map entry is updated, a custom Craft Plugin generates the appropriate JSON for Mapbox.

Product Locator using Google Maps

The capability to locate products is a significant advantage for both businesses and consumers. This client aimed for a map that allowed users to find services, discover products, and enhance their shopping experience.

Heated Tobacco Products and Cigarettes Taxes and Prices Around the World.

Heatmaps are intuitive, as they use color gradients to represent data values. Users can quickly understand the data distribution without complex charts or graphs.

United States Google Chart Maps for Tobacco Free Kids

Lightweight, interactive, and visually appealing data display. Google Charts are often free to use, making them a cost-effective choice for businesses and organizations with budget constraints.

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