Data Visualization & Maps

Interactive maps help users digest your data. We’ve built maps using Google Maps API or Map­box, the choice depends on the project.

Taxation & Price Heatmap

The client needed a map of the world showing the tax gap on heated tobacco products vs. cigarettes.


Mapbox is our favorite mapping solution for the flexiblity it offers to build truly custom maps.

Craft CMS

The client updates map data via their Craft CMS back-end.


When the client creates or updates a map entry, a custom Craft Plugin generates the appropriate JSON for Mapbox.

Marker Clustering for a national event

The client wanted to showcase the number of events that were being organized nationwide.

Google Maps

Google's Marker Clustering was the perfect fit for this project. The initial U.S. map groups events into clusters to prevent an overwhelming number of pins making it hard to read. Users can drill down into their geographic area to see more details.

Global Programs Map

The client needed a map of the world showing the countries where they work. Additionally, they wanted users to be able to filter by program.