Laravel Command Line Cheat Sheet

Claudia Aguilar, Partner, Software Engineer Claudia Aguilar Laravel

Below is a list of my most used commands in Laravel. This is not an exhaustive list of Laravel commands.

I just wanted to write them down to cement them into my brain & share with our team. Hopefully, this list of snippets proves useful to you as well.

>These snippets apply to Laravel 5.3.x

Models & Controllers

php artisan make:model Location php artisan make:controller ProfileDetailsController php artisan make:controller SubmissionController --resource


Migration files are under /database/migrations

php artisan make:migration create_locations_table --create=locations php artisan make:migration add_price_to_form php artisan migrate:refresh --seed php artisan migrate --path=/database/migrations/custom php artisan migrate --path=/database/migrations/2017_01_24_174050_add_company_to_user.php

Creating Sample Fake Data

Factory files are under /database/factories

Creating fake data using a factory

New Way

Old Way

Claudia Aguilar, Partner, Software Engineer

Claudia Aguilar

Partner, Software Engineer