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Icons List

Import them import * as Icon from '@expo/vector-icons';

You can use different icons libraries like FontAwesome, Ionicons, Foundation, and more

Use them <Icon.FontAwesome name="check-circle" color="#fff" />

More info

Expo CLI

Use it for running your app and deploying to devices or App Store in a much easier way!

Most used commands

  • expo start - Starts or restarts a local server for your app and gives you a URL to it
  • expo ios - Opens your app in Expo in an iOS simulator on your computer
  • expo build:ios - Build a standalone IPA for your project, signed and ready for submission to the Apple App Store.
  • expo:upload:ios - Uploads a standalone app to Apple TestFlight (works on macOS only). Uploads the latest build by default.

When to use

  • this.appPaused=true - When a variable is not displayed under render() but it changes during the transition of the app.
  • this.setState({ timer:timer++}) - When a variable is displayed under render() and is constantly changing.

Submitting to the App Store

When you submit to the app store, be aware that Segment collects the IDFA for use in doing mobile install attribution with integrations like Mobile App Tracking. Even if you’re not currently doing mobile install attribution, if you get asked, “Does this app use the Advertising Identifier (IDFA)?” on this page, you’ll want to check the following three boxes:

  1. “Attribute this app installation to a previously served advertisement”
  2. “Attribute an action taken within this app to a previously served advertisement”
  3. “I, YOUR_NAME, confirm that this app, and any third party…”


Uploading app to itunes connect

Claudia Aguilar, Partner, Software Engineer

Claudia Aguilar

Partner, Software Engineer